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Unique Features

eCDA Program in one 36 week session

Program begins the first of each month except December and January

Receive 9 credits toward the associate degree upon successful completion of the eCDA and application to NCC completed during week 30 of the course.

  •             The 9 credits apply toward:

EARL106 Early Childhood Development and Learning

EARL217 The Child, Family & Community

EARL244 Early Childhood Profession

These 3 classes make up our 36 week eCDA program

Tuition and Costs:

Tuition is paid at time of registration

Tuition and Fees:

  1. 1) Educational Program: $2,040.00
  2. 2) Textbook:
    $54.95 (must be ordered directly from TSI)
  3. 3) CDA "2.0" Competency Standards Book (specify infant/toddler or preschool):
    **$35.75 (ordered separately) **shipping cost not included
  4. 4) NCC Application Fee (week 30 of program):

    Total Cost: $2,155.70

Third Party Billing available.


Refund Policy: Monthly Start                                                                  


There are no monthly starts in December or January


Start Date End Date Course Code Section #
Oct 2, 2018 Jun 13, 2019 ECDAC100 .18
Nov 6, 2018 Jul 18, 2019 ECDAC100 to be determined
Feb 5, 2018 Oct 17, 2019 ECDAC100 to be determined


Monthly Start Enrollment Instructions


Register and Pay

Have your credit card ready, click here for course search and in ECDAC100 select the month from the chart above you would like to start.If you do not see the course code and section listed, please call 610-332-6087 and ask for the next monthly start course code and section being offered.

PLEASE NOTE: NCC reserves the right to move Monthly Start candidates into the next month if there is not enough students to run a session.

Receive Student Data via Email Address Provided

Once enrollment is complete, you will receive an email with your Access Code # (starting with two lower case L's for LifeLearn followed by numbers) and other information via email. This access code is case sensitive. You will need this information to access the eCDA program. In order to log into your class, the information provided in the email from Northampton will help you get started. If you have any other issues, you may contact online learning at with the course code and section number and problem you are encountering.
Then follow to Program Access.

Getting Started

Review important information you’ve received once you’ve enrolled and paid for the course. The information emailed about online learning, accessing your class, and specific class details will help you when your course starts. Please note that you will not be able to log into your class until the first day of class start. Classes use our Blackboard System. Please go to Program Access above to find directions on logging in or click on Login Using Your Information below.

Note: In week 30 of the program you will be asked to submit a $25.00 application fee. This fee is built into the system and allows us to convert the 36 week program to 9 credit hours (3 classes) of the CDA Program.


Purchase Required Materials

Please click link above if you did not order materials for the course after enrolling. Information should have been emailed to you, but if you missed it, you can access it on the link above.


Login Using Your Information

You will need your Access Code # (starting with two lower case ll) and other information emailed to you in order to login


Practice Online Learning

Click the above link to learn about Blackboard® NCC's online learning management system. Provided are helpful links to help you navigate the Bb system.


Please PRINT these instructions, but use links provided to access all appropriate forms online.

For Your Convenience

Clicking on the links on this page accesses all forms needed to successfully complete the enrollment process.

Having Trouble?

Please call 610-861-4561 or contact us.

Congratulations! You are ready for eCDA.