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What are the schedule options and costs?

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eCDA provides 3 schedule options depending on your choice of monthly start or semester start.

If you are a CDA Specialized Diploma Student (or looking) your state may have aid and/or scholarships available.

Monthly Enrollment Option

  • Begins the first of each month except December and January

Semester Enrollment Option

  • Five start dates available: August, October, January, March and June
  • Tuition, Pay Plan and Financial Aid Available
  • Minimum of ten students required

*Customized Enrollment Option

  • Designed for organizations with a group of 10 to 15 students
  • Flexible start date available

Tuitions and Costs

Total Cost (including fees) for eCDA program includes cost of 9 credits upon successful completion (Monthly and Semester Enrollment Options):

Item Fee
eCDA Course:
(monthly and semester)
Semester Enrollment
three payments of $657.00 (eligible for financial aid and payment options)
Monthly Enrollment
one payment of $1,971.00
One-Time Fee Application Fee: $25.00
CDA "2.0" Competency Standards Book $35.75*
Textbook $54.95*
Total **$2,086.70

*Shipping an Handling Additional