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2 resources are required for this program:


Select the correct book you wish to order, based on your area of specialty (Preschool) or (Infant Toddler). Textbooks are purchased directly from Teaching Strategies, Inc. The links below will take you to Teaching Strategies, Inc. website. MAKE SURE YOU ORDER THE eCDA version of the book you need.

CDA "2.0" Competency Standards Book

The CDA "2.0" Competency Standards Book contains all of the information candidates need to apply for the CDA Assessment. Books are customized for the type of child care setting:

  • Preschool CDA "2.0" Competency Standards Book is for candidates working in a center-based setting with children 3-5 years old.
  • Infant/Toddler CDA "2.0" Competency Standards Book is for candidates working with children from birth to 36 months of age.

The CDA "2.0" Competency Standards Book includes complete information on the credentialing process, the CDA Competency Standards and all of the forms a candidate will use, including an application, the Family Questionnaire and the official Comprehensive Scoring Instrument (the Observation Tool) used by the CDA Professional Development Specialist.

Please make sure you choose only 1 (one) CDA "2.0" Competency Standards Book in the setting you are working in.

A CDA "2.0" Competency Standards Book for the type of credential you want to receive can be ordered directly from the National Council for Professional Recognition or from the NCC Bookstore.

Order the CDA 2.0 Competency Standards Book through NCC for $35.75 HERE.

Follow these easy instructions when ordering online at the NCC Bookstore:
  1. Select Your Campus - Northampton Community College
  2. Select Your Program - Main Campus
  3. Select Your Term - Spring, Summer or Fall and the Year
  4. Select your Department - Early Childhood (EARL course code) or Early Childhood non credit (ECDAC course code) please check billing statement for this information please note our course work is credit but run in a non-credit to credit mode. Credits are received at the end of successful completion of the program
  5. Select your Course - 106 or 100 - please check billing statement for this information
  6. Select your Section - this is specific to the course you've enrolled. Please check billing statement for this information
  7. Select the appropriate packet for your area of specialty and add the packet to your shopping cart.