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Unique Features

eCDA Program in 3 individual semesters

Five Starts a Year
August, October, January, March and June

Receive 9 credits toward the associate degree upon successful completion of the eCDA Program

  •         The 9 credits apply toward:

EARL106 Early Childhood Development and Learning

EARL217 The Child, Family & Community

EARL244 Early Childhood Profession

Tuition and Costs:

Tuition is paid at the start of each semester.

Tuition and Fees:
Per semester: $680.00

Total Cost for the program:

  1. 1) Tuition and Fees:
    $2,040.00 (for all 3 three-credit classes in program)
  2. 2) Textbook:
    $54.95 (must be ordered from TSI)
  3. 3) CDA "2.0" Competency Standards Book (specify infant/toddler or preschool):
    **$35.75 (ordered separately) **shipping cost not included
  4. 4) NCC Application:
    $25.00 (to get started, see below)

    Total Cost: $2,155.70



   Refund Policy: Semester Start                                      Financial Aid and Tuition Payment Plans are
                                                                                       available with the Semester Start eCDA.
                                                                                       If you are a CDA Specialized Diploma Student (or
                                                                                       looking), your state may have aid and/or
                                                                                       scholarships available.

Schedule     Online Calendar


Start Date End Date Course Code *Section #
Jan 15, 2019 (Spring) May 12, 2019 EARL106 -W1 (Online Only)
Jun 2019 (S1 2019) Aug 2019 EARL106 TBD
Aug 2019 (Fall 2019) Dec 2019 EARL106 TBD

Semester Start Enrollment Instructions


Complete an on-line application

Apply to the College by completing an on-line application (click on "Apply Now"). There is a one-time application fee of $25 that must be paid with credit card when you submit your application.

Note: Put "Early Childhood Associate Degree" as your Major on your online application.


Complete a Credit Registration Form

Access, print, and complete a Credit Registration Form as follows:

  1. Complete all student information on the form.
  2. Print the Course Code and Section Number on the form using one of the eCDA program selections above:
  3. Sign the Credit Registration Form.
  4. Fax the completed/signed Credit Registration Form to the ECE Admissions Advisor at 610-861-4560.

Receive Student Data Sheet - Student ID#

After your Application is complete, you will receive a Student Data Sheet and other information in the mail. The Student Data Sheet provides you with a Student ID #. This number is found in the upper right hand corner of the Student Data Sheet. This number is NOT your social security number.

Other information such as passwords and email confirmations will also be sent in the mail. You will need this information to access the eCDA program. In order to log into your class, the information provided in the mailing from Northampton will help you get started.

PLEASE NOTE: If you register late (within 5 days of the start date of the program) you may not receive your Student ID # in a timely manner.

Then follow to Program Access.


Getting Started

Generate Your Course Instruction Letter

Review important information about online learning, accessing your class, and specific class details. This is an informational letter and not how you log into your class. Classes use our Blackboard System. Please go to Program Access above to find directions on logging in or click on Login Using Your Information below.


Login Using Your Information

You will need your Student Data Sheet and other information received in the mail in order to login.


Please PRINT these instructions, but use links provided to access all appropriate forms online.

For Your Convenience

Clicking on the links on this page accesses all forms needed to successfully complete the enrollment process.

Having Trouble?

Please call 610-861-4561 or contact us.

Congratulations! You are ready for eCDA.