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"I really enjoyed my eCDA courses. I wanted to take my courses online because I have a busy work and family schedule. I felt online courses would allow me to get my work done when my schedule permitted which was true. I was happy that feedback on my work and progress was always quick. Dialogue with other students was also helpful and enough to feel like I was getting solid, useful feedback. The assigned reading helped to guide my thoughts in writing my competency standard statements. The homework assigned helped me to grow in areas I was unsure of and uncomfortable with. I found this very helpful. Overall the eCDA courses helped me to further appreciate the teaching profession and inspired me to want to continue to grow in the field. I have great respect for people committed to working in early childhood education." E. Daly, eCDA Student

"I really enjoyed teaching this class and the students that I had the opportunity to work with. There are many strengths about eCDA, including the curriculum, the way in which the syllabus and assignments are structured and of course the discussion board. An area of improvement I would suggest, is word perfect documents (what a pain!), I was unable to open students who submitted assignments in wps form. I asked them to resend in the body of an email, this worked find, but meant extra steps for the students. (I think for my next class, I will ask students who are using word perfect to send their assignments the first time in an email!) Another area of improvement is some of my students had difficulty coordinating during the group project (unreliable email and other technical difficulties), perhaps using the discussion board as forum for small group discussions? Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity!" C. Kuker, Faculty

"Very interactive! Takes a "constructivist" viewpoint via involving the learner in the learning process. Many of my students experienced difficulties submitting their emodules. In the gradebook, many of the emodules had a "lock" on them or a "0". I found that I had to reset many of these so that my students could resubmit them. Therefore, my only suggestion would be to, perhaps, provide more clear instruction concerning the submitting process of emodules." J. Hacke, Faculty

"Very interactive with a variety of hands on activities; prepares students for CDA and improve their skills as competent teachers of young children; each class is consistently presented; the pictures add interest and professionalism to the course; some fine tuning of instructions to make them clearer for students; add a Family Child Care track; continue to work on improving the technical end of the course; wish there was some way to make the timing better for students to apply for their CDA in a quarter closer to the end of their course work; can we look at whether students have to complete the NCC portfolio? Could we make the CDA resource collection, competency goals, and reflections be the content of the portfolio?" S. Shay, Faculty

"I liked how the competency goals and notebook/portfolio construction were worked into the course. This makes the process less overwhelming for the student and they will ready for the assessment process of the CDA. I think the learning modules were also a great addition to the program because it attempts to make the course more hands on as the students complete the activities. I think on the technical end, the learning modules were problematic in that the students would complete work and then not see a grade." L. Wilson, Faculty